Posted on January 24th, 2008 by hgndgtl

Subversion Access

Sourceforge offers a subversion server for developing. If you want to modify the source, want to add a feature or at least want to play with the developer version you maybe want to fetch the sources via subversion.


 svn co libhashish

GIT Access

If you want to wrap subversion via git then the followinf lines are made for you:


git-svn clone https://$
git-svn rebase
git-svn dcommit

Active Developing - Guidelines (not that strict! ;-)

  • Please abide to the coding style used in the code (use Linux kernel coding style).
  • Small fixes: send with diff -Nuar libhashish-original-dir/ libhashish-new-dir/ generated patch and attach a why you do it message.
  • Average till big changes: create an sourceforge account and commit changes directly to the subversion repository - preferred method!
  • Last but not least: test your changes! Run test/unit_test. If you add additional functionality make sure that the unit tests also covers your functionality.

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